Training Plumbing System And Hydrant

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Training Plumbing System And Hydrant

13/08/2020 Engineering 0
Training Plumbing System And Hydrant

Training Plumbing System And Hydrant

Training Plumbing System And Hydrant. Plumbing and hydrant is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing, and special fixtures for the distribution and use of water in a building and the drainage of waterborne waste. It is one of the most important aspects of the building design.

This course provides basic design criteria pertinent to the design of plumbing systems. This course may be used for conceptual design in the absence of any more appropriate information. This course identifies and outlines the types of drainage systems (sanitary and storm water), effluent disposal, supply water distribution systems and hot water systems, appropriate for your needs, together with the wise system design and energy conservation. This course will be of value to all operators who are responsible for ensuring hydrants in their water system are in good working order. Upon completion of the course students will be able to create and carry out a hydrant maintenance program that suits their individual needs.

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  1. Have a better understanding of the design criteria for plumbing systems and hydrant; Plumbing Criteria, Drainage Systems, Water Supply Systems, Insulation Of Plumbing Systems, Fuel Gas Systems, Energy Conservation
  2. Be familiar with various energy conservation methods


    • Scope
    • Cancellation
    • Related Criteria
    • Policy
  2. Section 2: DRAINAGE SYSTEMS
    • Sanitary Systems
    • Storm Drainage System
    • Combined Sanitary And Storm Drainage System
    • Venting Of The Drainage Systems
    • Piping Systems
    Booster Systems And Pumps
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Chilled Drinking Water Systems
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Miscellaneous Systems
  5. Section 5: FUEL GAS SYSTEMS
    • Design
    • Safety Precautions
    • Air Source Heat Pumps
    • Water Source Heat Pumps
    • Heat Recovery Air Conditioning Systems
    • Heat Recovery From Refrigeration
    • Solar Domestic Hot Water
    • Water-To-Water Recovery
    • Point-Of-Use Heaters
    • Total Energy Recovery
    • Power Burners
    • Flow Control
    • Cost Of Energy
    • Ratings And Warranties
    • Starting a hydrant maintenance program
    • Safety regulation and procedures
    • Record keeping and log books
    • Parts and identification of hydrants
    • Performing hydrant inspections
    • Common hydrant maintenance tasks


This course is designed for personnel who like to have an overview of the estimation of flow in piping system as well as understand the pipeline specifications, design, fabrication and installation of piping system used in petrochemical, semi-conductor, commercial buildings, pharmaceutical, power plant, food and beverage and oil and gas industry.

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Metode PelatihanJadwal Pelatihan
-Case Study
-Evaluation (Pre and Post Test)
-Kunjungan/Praktek (Menyesuaikan/tentative)

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