Pelatihan Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Pressure Vessel Valve)

Pelatihan Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Pressure Vessel Valve)

Jt-training berkomitmen menyelenggarakan pelatihan Pressure Vessel Valve dengan kualitas terbaik.

The function of a pressure safety valve is to protect pressure vessels, piping systems, exchanger, boiler and other equipment from pressures exceeding their design pressure by more that a fixed predetermined amount. The permissible amount of overpressure is covered by various codes and is a function of the type of equipment and the conditions causing the overpressure. Failure of safety valve can cause cathastropic accident. Periodically inspection, testing and repair is one of the most important element that the safety valve work properly.This course explains how safety valve and relief functions and how to maintains and ensure long life operation.


Objectives  Informasi Pelatihan Training Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Training Pressure Vessel Valve)

  1.  Knowing the basic principles, ways of working, planning, troubleshooting, installation and use of a pressure safety valve.
  2.  Providing knowledge and skills in the installation procedures and inspection techniques safely, correctly and in accordance with legislation in the field of occupational safety and health.

Materi Informasi Pelatihan Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Pressure Vessel Valve)

  1. 1.Definition and introduction of pressure safety valve
  2. 2.Pressure safety valve design
  3. 3.Pressure safety valve operation
  4. 4.Pressure safety valve installation
  5. 5.Pressure safety valve trouble shooting
  6. 6.Pressure safety valve servicing
  7. 7.Gas sizing nonchoked flow
  8. 8.Gas sizing choked flow
  9. 9.Steam sizing
  10. 10.Liquid sizing
  11. 11.Example of calculation
  12. 12.Gasket selection
  13. 13.Common valve problems: high pressure drops and cavitations
  14. 14.Maintenance of Pressure vessel valve

Tujuan Informasi Pelatihan Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Pressure Vessel Valve)

In this training, gas turbine generator will be discussed from principle, application, components and its maintenance. Moreover, failure phenomena such as surge, stall, stonewall and their control system to improve safety will also be introduced.
After completion of this training participant will understand about the basic principle, application and control system that will help them for improving safety and problem solving on operation and maintenance activities.

Peserta Informasi Pelatihan Inspection and Maintenance of PVV (Pressure Vessel Valve)

Development geologists, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, production engineers or supervisors/managers, simulation/stimulation engineers, drilling and work over engineers, well completion and work over supervisors / managers, etc.

Jadwal Jt Training:

  • 15 sd 17 Januari 2019
  • 6 sd 8 Februari 2019
  • 11 sd 13 Maret 2019
  • 16 sd 18 April 2019
  • 27 sd 29 Mei 2019
  • 25 sd 27 Juni 2019
  • 9 sd Juli dan 23 sd 25 Juli 2019
  • 13 sd 15 Agustus 2019
  • 17 sd 19 September 2019
  • 1 sd 3 Oktober dan 29 sd 30 Oktober 2019
  • 12 sd 14 November dan 26 sd 28 Oktober 2019
  • 3 sd 5 Desember dan 17 sd 19 Desember 2019

Catatan : Jadwal tersebut dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan calon peserta

Lokasi dan investasi Jt Training :

  • Yogyakarta(6.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Jakarta(6.800.000 IDR / participant)
  • Bandung (6.700.000 IDR / participant)
  • Bali (7.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Surabaya (6.000.000 IDR / participant)
  • Malang (7.000.000 IDR / participant)
  • Batam (8.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Lombok(7.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Pekanbaru (8.500.000 IDR/participan)

Catatan : Hotel untuk pelatihan ada beberapa pilihan seperti Hotel Ibis, Hotel Aston, Hotel Amaris, Hotel Cavinton, Hotel Hyatt, Hotel Grand Aston, Novotel, Hotel Harris, Hotel 101, Hotel Grand Mercure,Ritz Carlton, Hotel Ibis Style dan masih banyak pilihan menarik lainnya.

Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan. Dapatkan harga spesial untuk pengiriman minimal 3 peserta dari perusahaan yang sama dan dapatkan private class untuk kebutuhan pelatihan yang exclusive. Kami Juga melayani penyelenggaraan training di luar negeri seperti Singapura, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Jepang, dan lainnya.

Fasilitas Training di Jt Training :

  • FREE Airport pickup service (Gratis Antar jemput Hotel/Bandara/Stasiun/Terminal)
  • FREE Akomodasi Peserta ke tempat pelatihan .
  • Module / Handout
  • FREE Flashdisk
  • Sertifikat
  • FREE Bag or bagpackers (Tas Training)
  • Training Kit (Dokumentasi photo, Blocknote, ATK, etc)
  • 2xCoffe Break & 1 Lunch, Dinner
  • FREE Souvenir Exclusive
  • Training room full AC and Multimedia

Informasi Kontak Jt Training :

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